Chapter 7

Tampa Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Sandra L. Hibsch

An experienced attorney who can help with debt relief.

Sandra L. Hibsch is compassionate, experienced and accomplished. Her reasonable fees will also be well-worth the cost of her services: she will help you decide your best course for charting your financial future.

What is Chapter 7?

If you qualify for this type of bankruptcy, when the process is over, you may have no remaining unsecured debts. You must take a means test that will determine your eligibility. Based on the outcome of the test, you will be deemed eligible for Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or other alternatives to bankruptcy that you can discuss with lawyer Sandra L. Hibsch.

The complexities of Chapter 7 bankruptcy require a skilled attorney at your side.

The process can be complex and involves assessment of your assets and the different categories of your debts. With an experienced attorney on your side, you will be able to create a list of exempt assets. These are assets that you can keep in a Chapter 7. Non-exempt assets will, however, have to be sold or retained through a “buy-back” from the Trustee.

With Sandra L. Hibsch counseling you, the worth of your assets can be determined and you can see which are exempt and which are not. She can explain that usually any IRA, 401(k) or other pension accounts you have are yours to keep, as they are exempt assets.

Let a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney explain the details.

A lawyer like Sandra L. Hibsch who has extensive experience, is a great source for helping you understand the means test, identifying what assets you can keep, and how to end creditor harassment. Get debt relief now.

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